The history of the Apfelstrudel or applestrudel

We regularly publish a 'did you know' section via our social media channels (Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn). In this article we take a closer look at the delicious Apfelstrudel or applestrudel.

It is a truly traditional Austrian pastry, which is especially popular in Vienna. Applestrudel consists of dough, apple slices and raisins. It was originally food for poor people, but later became a culinary high-quality dish. Applestrudel is usually eaten with whipped cream, ice cream and/or warm vanilla sauce.

The applestrudel is based on the dish 'baklava' and found its way from the Ottoman Empire to what was then Austria-Hungary. The pastry is therefore also popular in Hungary. It is called almásrétes there. Always handy to know if you go on holiday there.

Strudel is made from an elastic, very thinly stretched dough. The apple slices are not distributed over the entire dough, but only over a small strip. By rolling up the dough, various thin layers are created, which are reminiscent of puff pastry after baking.

We like it very much and of course you can also order or eat the apple strudel during your stay at Golden Lodges in our Bistro The Stube.

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